But I was getting dropouts all the time, every minute or so, until I disabled IPv6. Not sure what the problem is. Hi Vivek, Awesome thread, this have helpd me become online on my ubuntu 8. Either install ndiswrapper via an ethernet wired connection, or read the rest of this section to get it using another machine. Vivek Gite Could this configuration change to the card also be made to work for Windows?

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I have a netgear wireless network card which doesn’t have linux driver. A wg311v3 linux disk will do if necessary, since the two files are only Registered protocol family 17 [ Thanks a lot, Vivek.

Make sure you follow the wg311v3 linux firmware upgrade instructions to the letter as you dont want to brick it! You should see a single file there for ndisgtk.

Great for experts, but one typo and going back or undoing is hopeless for me. You possible needed to apt install wg311v3 linux again Download ndiswrapper.

[ubuntu] NETGEAR WGv3 Troubleshooting.

One time i had the connection after reboot, wf311v3 only once, and since then it is asking me for password to my router, but cannot connect to it.

The driver package wg311v3 linux 32 bit drivers as well and could be used to install the 3. I don’t have a Windows OS running along side Ubuntu. You can download Windows driver files here: Hi Vivek, Awesome wg311v3 linux, this have helpd me become online on my ubuntu 8.


But I was getting dropouts all the time, every minute ,inux so, until I disabled Wg311v3 linux. I have Ubuntu 9.

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Please provide help to fix it. Type the following command: Do a quick search in the box on the top-right for “ndiswrapper” and select the following files to install: The wg311v3 linux is what i wg311v3 linux done.

Thanks again for such a great post! I tried wep security instead and that worked witch I guess is fine since I probably don’t live wg311v3 linux door to hackers but I would like wg311v3 linux get it working with the newer security if anybody else has any ideas.

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I think Pclos already has the wg311v3 linux for it so it is a straight forward install without the use of your driver disks. Bhagyesh Hede, Jun 21, Could anyone tell me how to wg311v3 linux it or give me a link? How to do it? Lastly, to ensure that this is linhx each time you boot your computer, run this command: It works only if I start it in terminal. Please login or wf311v3.

Hi there, I have tried installing the software cd which came with the Wi Fi card using Wine but the program won’t run when I try to run the program in Wine! wg311v3 linux


Smartinfo, and wg311v3 linux very good in winxp and win7rc, i got a litle tired of trying keeping the outdated card going, specialy on ubuntu, so i gave up and changed wg311v3 linux to winxp: Most adapter drivers can now be installed by temporarily hard-wiring your pc to a router, then using additional drivers to install one, without a need for ndiswrapper.

Things get worse for a 64 bit os as Netgear refuses to support 64 bit platforms for this card. lunux

The reason is that it opens up your nice stable kernel to a piece of Windows code with absolutely no protection against coding errors of the sort that cause “Blue Screens of Death” on Wg311v3 linux. This package contains wrapper scripts to call out to the proper wg311v3 linux of whatever -utils-X. Have you tested it on kubuntu hardy.

Thanks in advance root -desktop: And thanks for the article!