Touch the [List Print Administrator ] key and configure the settings. Page – giving priority to a reserved fax job Page – activity report Page Page Page Page Page – sending the same fax to multiple destina Operation Settings Scan, Internet fax, and fax settings are described below. Touch the desired destination and then touch the [Cc] key or the [Bcc] key. When the end receiving machines are far from your machine, sending the fax to a relay machine that is close to the end receiving machines can help reduce phone charges. Start black and white copying. When this setting is enabled, automatic selection of paper that is the same size as the original on the document glass or in the automatic document feeder does not take place.

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The port changes to auto selection when printing ends.

Sharp MX-2300N User Manual

Deleting a stored original size Ready to scan for copy. I-Fax Settings These settings can be configured when the Internet fax expansion kit is installed.

System Settings for Fax Administrator: Select a group that is blank. When User Authentication is Enabled When “User Authentication Setting” page 80 is enabled, login is required in the login screen before the machine can be used. For items that can only be accessed with administrator rights, see Administrator List” page ms Sharp mx 2300n pcl6 order of copying will be automatically adjusted by the machine.

Make sure that you understand the contents of the license agreement and then click the [Continue] button.

Sharp mx 2300n pcl6 enable printing using the most suitable sharp mx 2300n pcl6 settings for the color image type. The top page will be delivered to the original exit tray.

Page Page – initiating polling reception manually Page Page – polling memory Page Page Page Page – deleting sharp mx 2300n pcl6 document from the public box Page – forwarding received faxes Page Page Page – forwarding a received fax to an e-mail Page – performing f-code Page Page – f-code dialing Page Page – f-code confidential transmission Page Page Page – polling reception using f-codes Page Page Page – polling box Page Page Page Page Page Page Page – using an extension phone Page – making and receiving phone calls Page – if the machine is moved Page – setting the telephone line type Page Page – system settings for fax Page – when user authentication is not enabled Page Page Page Page Page Page Page – storing a one-touch individual key for Touch the [Special Modes] key in the base screen of copy mode.


Prior to polling, the document that will be faxed to the other machine must be scanned into the memory box for polling memory.

To scan an image to your computer, the Network Scanner Tool must be running on your computer. Touch the [Cancel] key sharp mx 2300n pcl6 the screen of step 4. Page 91 – Energy Save Page 92 – Operation Settings Page 93 – disabling of bypass printing Page 94 Page 95 – Device Control Page 96 – disabling of optional paper drawer Page 97 – auto paper selection setting Page 98 – Copy Settings Page 99 – initial margin shift setting Page – auto selection setting of tray that is s Click the [Agree] button.

These sharp mx 2300n pcl6 can be used for simple corrections when you do not have image editing software pc6 on your computer. Password entry screen To print a received fax, enter the password that is programmed for this function 4 digits with the numeric keys.


Select the sharp mx 2300n pcl6 that you wish to show in the customized key. Prepare appropriate originals for the tab captions. Page Page Page Page – faxing thin originals slow scan mode Page Page Page Page – calling a fax machine and initiating rec Touch one of the following keys: The button that is used to open the printer driver properties window usually [Properties] or [Printing Preferences] may vary depending on the sharp mx 2300n pcl6 application.


Up to 54 characters can be entered. Normal density originals 4 to 5: Restore Factory Defaults This is used to return the system settings to the factory default settings.

Press the [STOP] key For a broadcast transmission, changes to the transaction report print conditions apply to all mxx.

Examples of messages that are printed in the result column Message The transaction was completed normally. Front Cover Setting Print on Front Cover 1-Sided Sharp mx 2300n pcl6 both sides of the cover will be copied on, label sheets, transparency film, and tab paper sgarp be used.

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suarp An image of the machine is formed in the printer driver sharp mx 2300n pcl6 window based on the options that are installed. Copying the facing pages of a book or bound document Book or bound document 200n to scan for copy.

A destination fax number is called up by simply touching the one-touch key of that destination. Note that two insert sheets cannot be inserted between the same pages. Touch the [OK] key in the message to change the screen and touch the [Search Again] key to search again.