If you scan a file at maximum resolution with Digital ICE turned on, you’ll wait about 3 minutes, which is longer than the Coolscan V’s time of 1 minute, 10 seconds. Indicators are embossed, but it would be nice to add Braille. But dpi surpasses the old dpi standard. The company even added a feedback slider to help you make finer adjustments. The Index displays the strip of images here four slides in a small window under the main Scan window. The slide holder has two latches at the bottom which is actually the top when inserted into the scanner and helpful frame numbers oriented correctly that disappear when you open the holder. The back panel has just the one USB port and a connection for the power adapter.

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Hardly bigger than an external hard drive, the Scan Elite takes up just 6. One holds four 35mm slides, the last of which can be swapped with the holder in the scanner.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 Slide & Film Scanner

All the color adjustments, if needed, should take place in Photoshop or equivalent after the scan is made. Recommended RAM requirements vary depending on which functions are used. No other formats need apply. It sets contrast and exposure to reveal additional image detail in deep minolta dimage scan elite 5400 or extreme highlights.

You never have to crop or configure multiple target areas. However, there are a few hurdles standing between it and the adoration of the pro market. Fast user switching is not supported on either Macintosh or Windows operating systems.


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Maximum 20W Energy Star compliant Dimensions: The dpi Difference When you work with this 35mm, dpi scanner you might not be able to see, or appreciate, its scna capability unless you output images at its highest setting. Load four slides emulsion down so they appear right reading and close the holder. Log in or register to post comments. Easy Scan Utility provides simplified three-step minolta dimage scan elite 5400 with on-screen instructions beginners can use with confidence.

We mere humans must fiddle with these things until, in exasperation, we frame elitee manual illustrations on the wall closest to the scanner. Best Resolution of any desktop scanner The Minolta Dimage has been out of production for over 10 years and parts are no longer being made for them. Online technical support is well organized, with easy-to-find links to downloadable manuals and drivers.

Instructions were very clear and easy to follow and we got excellent di,age quickly. There should be an ISO standard on minolta dimage scan elite 5400.

The ‘s autofocus isn’t extremely precise on the initial scan, but it gets points for minolta dimage scan elite 5400 manual control dial. Before completing my test scanning with the Elite I was able to install a beta copy of the SilverFast Ai 6 driver and confirmed that it does in fact provide optimum performance and easy access to produce ideally color corrected scans with the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite First, it improves conversion of negative film with its new Film Expert Algorithm.

Are Your Prints Too Dark? minolta dimage scan elite 5400

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging Europe GmbH: DiMAGE Scan Elite II

After configuring Master settings for the batch scan and initializing the scanner, you can scan holder after holder of images. Best scanner ever I am scanning dozens of Kodachrome slides minolta dimage scan elite 5400 the ‘s.

Last Drivers  A4 TECH KB-28G DRIVER

You’ll find three buttons on the front of the Power, Eject, and Scan–and a minolta dimage scan elite 5400 for controlling manual focus.

Primary color filter Multi-sample scanning: The programming of the drivers must occur after the hardware is largely complete, so the software programmers are shorted in both time and resources to get the driver ready for the marketing of the scanner. The Launcher provides access scab all three scanning utilities, defines the Quick Scan button and accesses a fourth application Three domage software applications are also included: You may also like.

Read full review Verified purchase: Dimaye Scan Utility handles large volume scanning with less work, making the scanning workflow more efficient by enabling continuous scanning at a user-set resolution, exposure and with pre-determined corrections applied.

The Index displays the strip of images here four slides dimxge a small window under the main Scan window. With a manufacturer-rated optical density of 4. Minolta dimage scan elite 5400 could remove any color cast and restore and adjust colors and saturation to achieve excellent fidelity with the original.

Digital SHO for shadow and highlight optimization. I am scanning dozens of Kodachrome slides from the ‘s.