The max output produces an image file scanned from a 35mm film frame of about 16×24″ at dpi. This may make for some grain noise, however, particularly with older Ektachrome-type films, as I’ve noticed that dye deterioration from age seems to affect shadow densities most of all. Trending Price New. It’s not the best with slides again, Nikon beats it hands down there but it’s the only one of the scanners that’s currently being produced and supported officially. For more information, visit the Minolta website at: Using templates, you can do Minox, 16mm, , , , , and a pretty long strip of 58mm of anything bigger than that.

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From numerous tests with scanners in the past, the availability of SilverFast assures a user will be able to obtain the best the hardware can provide in precisely color corrected scan output, both efficiently and effectively. However, due to software or the lens I suspect the lens there is only about PPI worth of information in the scan in.

Trending Price New.

The New Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite | Shutterbug

The software provides for scanning colour negatives, but, like every other colour negative scanning program I have used, it does not allow sufficient dynamic range to scan the negative properly. However, I didn’t think twice about it being a good move and sent Konica Minolta a check rather than return the scanner. Cardboard-mount slides were held well, but the cardboard mounts themselves do a poor job of keeping the film flat. This item doesn’t belong on this page.


You get high quality scanning for 35mm film frames in this Dimage scan elite. Create new account Request new password. See details for description elitf any imperfections. They’re a fraction of the price of currently available – and comparable used – slide scanners in its performance category.

The Imacon virtual drum process, incidentally, works imperfectly with cardboard mounted 35mm slides. The II gets more and better image information out of both highlights and shadows, providing much more effective adjustment of local contrast.

Share This Page Tweet. For those like me who purchased the first scanner, it might be a harder decision whether or not to upgrade. But to accomplish this as efficiently and as effectively as possible I would not consider purchasing the Elite without also getting LaserSoft SilverFast Ai 6 as the software to run it. Most of the cull images I began my testing with did not require such large color corrections; for the most part the issues with them had to do with overexposure and underexposure and “unfortunate” lighting.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. I do get significantly better results on the Elite II than I do on my Epson V flatbed with the transparency adapter. It does multiple scans of an image with no loss of sharpness, which reduces or nearly eliminates CCD noise. And, of course, multiple scans can take even longer.

The biggest thing with the Plustek is making sure the film is exactly in the prime focus area since there is no auto focus. Smartphone Cameras vs Real Cameras: This is what the scanner can resolve. One designates a spot in the pre-scan image on which to focus. Multiscanning not available in Canon’s software that I’ve found does help in Vuescan, but the Nikon and Minolta beat it hands down for the old kodachrome slides I’ve been scanning.


Is it a big difference between Minolta Dimage Elite II and Elite 5400 scanners?

I had Alex Ketzer from there clean and recalibrate my Nikon when I bought it. When trying to solve a problem, one must read both from cover to cover.

Fujitsu fi Document Scanner I am scanning dozens of Kodachrome slides from dimag ‘s.

In another image, again shot at high altitude on an overcast day, although the slide was not as grossly ekite, just removing the color cast resulted in a very dull image. If warranty service is required, the warranty period for replaced parts is automatically extended, if necessary, to at least 6 months from the date of the warranty service.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II Scanner

Show More Show Less. I presume there is documentation on the CD provided with that program, but I did not even unwrap ‘Elements’. This Konica desktop scanner supports 35 mm film.

For the price I don’t think you can beat the Pacific Image Primefilm range of scanners as long as you don’t need to scan dimaye larger than 35mm. At ppi, the limiting factor is the resolution of the film and the lens.