It does turn your PS3 controller into an XInput device so you can map the buttons. Well I had finally managed to find a way to do so without using motioninjoy but it might requires additional steps. Read how to do it. May 4, Messages: Install the Driver below, plugin the controller with USB and start playing! I’m in desperate needs to download those classic ROMs for first to fifth generation game system! Because of the nature of libusb, it sort of takes control over anything related to the USB devices.

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Your PS3 controller will now work, using the official controller drivers it just tricks the computer into thinking it’s a controller. DekkerzzzNov 27, Otherwise my front-end will just Ps3 Sixaxis Driver Windows 7 32 Bits saholencu. Administrator rights on your PC.

How to Use your SIXAXIS/Dualshock 3 with your PC wirelessly.

Jun 21, Messages: I wish someone anyone would make a bluetooth pc gamepad. It’s not a controller driver.

Best is to have a biit windows installation ideally on another harddrive and install everything and see how things go. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Recently new drivers have been released for 64 bit Vista and Windoes 7 systems that finally allow the use of the PS3’s Sixaxis controller.


Send me some feedback if you’re sucessfull please.

[Guide] Pairing SonyPlaystation 3 Dualshock 3 controller with Macbook Pro (Windows) | D.S の Space

By emulating a Xbox controller, many more games are accessible. Some of these are. Hey guys, if you want to upgrade your drivers for anythign on your pc try this software. My system is running Windows Vista Ultimate bit. Now I have a PS3 and thought since it’s controllers are bluetooth.

Oct 2, Messages: Prerequisite Before you proceed to the rest of the guide, make sure you had enabled the bluetooth on your bootcamp or virtualized Windows.

Plug it to your PC install drivers for ps3 controller first. Idk but it might be smth to do with your registry keep resetting itself.

Alternatives To Motioninjoy For Ps3 Controllers? – d2jsp Topic

Yes, you have to install CD driver on your computer first before using this controller. I’ve thought about doing this, but never got around to trying it bfsix. Recently new drivers have been released for 64 bit Vista and Windoes 7 systems that finally allow the use of the PS3’s Sixaxis controller. Did anyone else run into this issue? Installing Libusb-win32 filter 3.


Find out the hardware ID of your Bluetooth module by double clicking on the Apple Bluetooth, go to Details tab, under Property drop down menu select hardware id. October 25, at 1: Playstation 3 controller Dualshcok 3 or Sixaxis driver for windows.

About Me “Jack of all trades, master of none”. I can do it connects and dsconnects well but nothing works, no buttons, no roll and pitch bars on btsix. Motioninjoy gave me error codes which didn’t allow the drivers to isntall.

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the fact that the MotionJoy drivers interfered with my XBox controller radio.

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Cancel reply Leave a Comment. I’ve read that people have been able to get it to work on windows 64bit OS. Every thign I see talks about 64bit.