Lucid wanted to load the ndiswrapper module, so to make it work I issued: ACU Atheros Client Utility but in it I cannot click any buttons, they’re all greyed out – and therefore I can’t connect to my home network After a while the machine simply became unsuable, so I had to completely remove the drivers. Love fighting with Linux? With non-moron AND non-confusing tools?

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I’m upgrading to Win7 Ultimate 32bit. Just ar55223 comment, if you have a second wirless card you can’t use wicd, but with k network manager it works just fine. ar5523 usb wireless

Can’t use usb wireless with ar chipset It works! Sometimes I lose the connection for a while, ar5523 usb wireless I don’t think it’s the drivers, though. I have everything almost ready except for a5523. I’m assuming there weren’t any compatible in Vista? LhasaCMAr5523 usb wireless 8, Feb 7, 8. Originally Posted by logari Do you already have an account?

ar wi-fi usb wirleess adapter

My processor may support 64bit, but I would prefer to avoid reinstalling all the software I have than that. Don’t go to the main folder, go into the folder, the find a specific folder called drivers, the xp Feb 6, 1.

June 24th, 7. ar5523 usb wireless

Do you already have an account? IDK how ar5523 usb wireless do that Please, direct me to where I can connect my USB wi-fi connector to my network with just vista Please – somebody help me out here I need an exact link to the place where the drivers are that might ar5523 usb wireless – because I know wiireless much about networking as monkeys know about nebulae’s!

I have no idea how to set-up my udb with it Feb 6, 2. DavidGPFeb 28, ar5523 usb wireless LhasaCMFeb 7, Your name or email address: Looks like I’m going back to bit and ndiswrapper for now.


Soem devices have built-in support. Well, the Wireelss drivers work. UBXMasterFeb 26, Belkin gets a thumbs up from me for their driver support.

December 17th, 2. In particular, disconnecting from a network or unplugging the device caused crashes of the kernel.

LhasaCMFeb 6, June 24th, 6. I will help, but not going to be online until very later or tomorrow, before I wirelesd get back to ar5523 usb wireless Hum, I think I have that model, and I got it to work